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At this time when the world is considered as a global village and trade and development and other activities are not limited by borders of countries , Create groups and powerful holding is considered as The requirements of the Daily economic. That time is finished the Active time in limited and confined Companies in City or specific country as scattered islands . Companies have to success in this race in the world that they can attract individuals and skilled and experienced And forming groups and holding powerful To eliminating their weaknesses and defects In an appropriate way be involved in this global competition. Ideal Aria Group was formed in 2009 , Due to the need of scrutiny and rational understanding of the status World Trade of various global trading company with diversified fields of activity . Ideal Aria Group company has 8 subset that Each of its sector has experienced and specialized forces which alone have something to say in the global competition Ideal Aria Group management have respect to the complete dominance over economic issues and international trade So began its activities in various fields. Ideal Aria group activity is acceptable in their repertoire In the field of Investment in different countries and in a variety of economic issues including : Oil and gas (upstream and downstream oil all industries), new and renewable energy (solar power plants and wind) projects (roads, railways, shipping lines), construction, tourism and aviation industry Ideal Aria group having Consulting Engineers in the field of architecture and urbanism in the collection has been designed and implemented successful projects The main activities of group Ideal Aria raise funds from natural and legal persons and use them in a project that is good economic justification. This is in addition to the growth and an economic upswing regions, but also to the owners of capital have reached your desired profit..

In general, the ideal Aria group activity as follows:

- investments in all economic activities (oil and gas, new energy, construction, recycling of waste)
- Activity in most of the world's leading stock exchanges (gold, stocks, commodities)
- raise funds from various financial sources
- Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
- Perform all authorized commercial services
- Perform all engineering services The ideal Aria management is ready to receive any proposals ranging from economic activities, the new idea and etc. And we invite all specialists cooperate with us to improve and progress of company.